Kick Scooter For Everyone

The idea of creation of kick scooter was to create something different for kids to play with. It was first designed by the use of roller skate wheel on which a plank of wood was placed. This gave them a similar look like a skateboard. Handles of this kick scooter were made from 2 by 4 piece of wood and the handlebars were made either from pipe or a 2 by 4 split that were attached to the top most area of handlebars.

Adult Kick Scooter Kick Scooter For EveryoneThe propelling motion of the scooter is maintained by pushing off the ground by one foot and the other one remains on the board. The kick scooters took time to gain the importance that they have today as they were not durable. Bicycle and skateboard were more popular than this gadget lately. In 1990, Wim Ouboter realized the need of kick scooter and produced a better version of it. His sister had one leg short and was unable to ride a bike but was able to ride kick scooter easily. He has his company in Switzerland by the name of Micro Mobility Systems that created Micro Skate Scooter and that was carried to US under Razor USA.

This company is responsible for making the first aluminum version of scooter in US. They modernized they kick scooter and produced different versions of it like adult kick scooter, kids kick scooter etc. They made kick scooters more stylish and more stable. There are many series of two wheelers and three wheelers scooters available for kids. Adult kick scooters are also present which are used and liked by many adults as an alternative of walking these days. One of the major brands named Toucan Kick Scooter made kick scooter with the wheel size of 21 inches that lets you fly off in only one kick.

Kick scooters with newer versions have many features like shock absorbing system, slip proof grips, polyurethane wheels, rear brakes, hand brakes etc. There are many portable kick scooters available in market that are foldable and can be easily carried in a bag. Adult foldable scooters are also available. Racing kick scooters cannot be folded as they use bicycle wheels and there are some versions which are used for traveling other than roads known as mountain scooters. Few years back a brand named Nextsport introduced four wheel kick scooter that was heavier and bigger than all the scooters introduced before. Kick scooters have been given more importance than being a toy only. It has started coming with rear wheels and it being used in industries by the workers in hospitals, airports and plants for moving about the buildings quickly.

They are not recommended for being used as toys only. You can go for short trips by riding them. You can use them for going to bus stops. There are some versions which can be folded to the size of a briefcase. You can easily take them to offices with you. Hence, it is proven that they are for everyone.

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